our mission – ways to help animal welfare

Our Ways to Help Animal Welfare

Abella Couture & Accessories’ mission is to donate 30% of our proceeds to non-profit organizations dedicated to rescuing animals, enabling these organizations to continue their work and spread their love for animals.
please support my furry friends

What we do

We craft products to help animal welfare. As an animal lover myself, it’s sad to hear everyday that house pets are abandoned on streets, near trash chutes, and outside our neighborhood.

The abandon of animals

Though there are thousands of house pets being abandoned each year in Singapore , there are kind souls who rescue abandoned rabbits, cats and dogs in neighborhoods. These organizations and volunteers provide the rescued animals with shelter, food and lots of love to nurse them back to health and put them up for adoption. But all these rescue missions require lots of time, effort and costs. Without financial help, these organizations and volunteers can only do so much.

Why Abella?

The reason we founded Abella Couture & Accessories is to let people aware of animal cruelty, animal adoption and animal freedom. We make products to raise funds to help abandoned animals, endangered animals, and non-profit organizations. We think that carrying a product with an an animal theme will make us realize how wonderful animals are and they shouldn’t be abandoned. Once you own them, they are yours forever, their forever.

Abella’s products include: handmade iPhone caseshandmade Samsung caseshandmade animal tote bags, handmade card holders, coasters, and more!


Abella also teamed up with Bunny Wonderland SG to give talks to schools to educate students about today’s animal cruelty and why we should not buy animals from pet shops (to decrease breeders breeding). There are more than 1000 abandoned pets in Singapore each year, why would you still want to buy another animal instead of adopting?

adopt, don't shop

Our goal

Abella’s goal is to donate 30% of our proceeds to non-profit organizations dedicated to rescuing animals, enabling these organizations to continue their work and spread their love for animals. We carefully choose who we donate to and hope that you will appreciate our designs and products, thus fueling our enthusiasm to produce more products and help more animals.

Do not wear our Animals!

We discourage animal hunting and dislike skin and fur exploiting! We are against Animal Cruelty :)

Our motto

No Fur, No Leather, No Skin.
We make products to help animal welfare.

We offer fabric products with an animal theme. We thank you for all the support you gave us and to the animals.

Abella’s products include: handmade iPhone cases, handmade Samsung cases, handmade animal tote bags, handmade card holders, coasters, and more!

Who do we support?

Abella insists that our products contain no fur, skin, nor leather. 30% of our proceeds will be donated to

House Rabbit Society Singapore

Bunny Wonderland

Community Cat Feeders

Causes for Animals

House Rabbit Society USA

How does it work?

30% of the proceeds will be donated for each product. Products are priced such that they factor in material costs and man-hours used to produce them. Donation is purely goodwill from us and it is not added in when we price our products. With Abella being new, we’ve decided to accumulate a certain amount (SGD$400) before donating to the individual organizations. We will post the donation amount on our Facebook when we donated. You can choose which organization to donate to when you make a purchase. This accumulation might or might not be permanent but rest assured that the donations will reach the organizations. Do bear with us as we work this out along the way! Along with the donation, we will include a list of donators – that is YOU – so you will be remembered.

That’s our ways to help animal welfare, what’s yours?

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