Q&A – How to put on a phone case

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Please note the all Abella’s products are handmade, one piece at a time. It is therefore quite difficult if not impossible to make identical items. Products will be packed securely and will be shipped within 3-5 business days after the purchase. If you choose registered mail, we will provide you with a tracking number.

Abella’s products include: handmade iPhone caseshandmade Samsung caseshandmade animal tote bagshandmade card holders, coasters, and more!

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Products will be replaced (only applicable in Singapore) or refunded if we feel that our products is technically defective. By purchasing any of these products, you agree with this disclaimer. Refunds will be made via Paypal. Please contact us if you need a replacement or refund. 

How to put on a phone case?

For iPhone & Samsung: Please slide in the side where the volume buttons first, push it tight and slide the other side.Please do not worry, the fabric is covering the case, and it will protect your phone from scratching the plastic case. It may be a little tight as first because it is a fitted case. Once you leave the case one for 1 day or so, the fabric will set it and will fit perfectly.

If it does not fit perfectly, try removing the case and slide the phone in another side (if you slide the phone on the left side first, try the right side). You will need to push the corners with your thumb and index finger (Like you are tightening a container lid). Please email us if you have any questions.

Care instructions

– If the fabric is wrinkled, you can iron it slightly. Please turn iron to the lowest heat and do not put steam.
– If the fabric gets dirty, please use a spot remover pen or dab a piece of tissue into water and start to wipe away the stain in back and forth motion. Please do not wipe in circular motion. Please do not immerse the phone case in water.

For Printed Bags:
– Please note we use fabric ink to create the designs. You can iron and wash the pattern with a damp cloth. We do not recommend to wash the printed bags with a washing machine. For bags with a cotton tail design, you can clean the cotton tail with a damp cloth and use adhesive tape to stick the dust out.


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